The guys are in space and get into a Cosmic Storm
as they confront a giant To'Kustar, Gwen said, "We're looking for the 4th piece of the Map of Infinity". To'Kustar, "Go away". Kevin said, "Come on, move it or lose it!". To'Kustar, "I said, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He angrily blasts his beam at them. Meanwhile, Azmuth holds Jennifer (Ben) still, Ben as Jen said, "Oh, is this the part where we make a pedicure", Azmuth, "No, this is where you will remember everything you had before" Azmuth starts a ray at Jen transforming her back into Ben, Ben wakes up, "Uhhh, what happen?" Azmuth, "Do you remember anything?". Ben woke up saying, "Yeah, i was Fasttrack, and i saw Jennifer Nocturne coming out of the shower, then zapped me with a ray and poofed me into a dress, and into her body, by zapping my head with her brain". Azmuth, "You've forgotten, you were on your way to a film, then you were kidnapped by a man named Overlord, then he was planning to absorb power from your Ultimates, but Aggregor knocked him unconcious, and he took all the powers, and became Ultimate Aggregor II, and now he is after the Map of Infinity again." Azmuth noticed Ben had flew away, "Teenager". Ben had flew all the way to the Cosmic Storm, to see Gwen, Kevin, Tetrax and Sunder beaten up by the To'Kustar, the To'Kustar had angrily stared at Ben, "Who are you?", Ben, "I'm Ben Tennyson, i'm here to stop Aggregor from taking the final piece of the Map of Infinity". To'Kustar, "Imbecile, do you expect me to believe that?!" The To'Kustar was absorbed by Aggregor, who grew into a size of a To'Kustar, Ben, "Aggregor!", To'Kustar Ultimate Aggregor, "That's right, Tennyson, now i'm invincible" Ben, "Tell it to..." Ben transforms into Way Big, "Way Big!", he slams the Ultimatrix symbol to transform into..."Ultimate Way Big!" He fights the To'Kustar Aggregor, but is being beaten hardly. Aggregor then shoots a beam at Ben, as he falls to hard" Aggregor then picks up the final piece of the Map, "At last victory" Ben then touches Aggregor, to the Forge of Creation.



  • Ultimate Aggregor II

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Way Big
  • Ultimate Way Big

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