This is the second episode of Ben 10: The Alien Generation by AustralianFan.

A Work of Art Part 1
Rath Heroes United5
General Information
Original broadcast January 24, 2012
Series Ben 10: The Alien Generation
Season 1
Episode number 2
Overall episode number 2
Written by User:AustralianFan
Directed by User:AustralianFan


Ben has just defeated Trumbipulor, when he gets an alert on his Ultimatrix from Helen. Helen is worrying about Alan not focusing on becoming a Plumber. Ben is hesitant at first, but Helen begs Ben for assistance in the matter. Ben changes into Big Chill and flies over to the Plumber Academy Helen and Alan are training at. Big Chill discovers that Alan has occupied his time painting instead of studying or training. Big Chill freezes the easel that Alan is using. Alan gets out another easel. Big Chill goes Ultimate to try and intimidate Alan, but Alan isn't intimidated. An Easel Destroying Montage begins. Armodrillo causes a tremor to knock one over, Water Hazard drenches one, Goop covers himself in one and dissolves it, Swampfire covers one in vines to crush it, NRG burns one, AmpFibian shocks Alan and crushes an easel in his hands, Terraspin creates a gust of wind to blow one over, Jetray shoots an energy beam to disintegrate one, Humungousaur stomps on one to crush it, and Ultimate Humungousaur releases a flurry of missiles onto one to obliterate it. After all that, Ben decides that enough is enough. Ben changes into Rath. Rath yells at Alan about how hard he WAS working to become a Plumber. After a long, loud chat, Alan has realised that he wants to be a Plumber and his dad wanted that of him, too.


Ben, Helen, Alan
Rath Heroes United5

An Annoyed Rath



Aliens UsedEdit

Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, Goop, Swampfire, NRG, AmpFibian, Terraspin, Jetray, Humungousaur, Ultimate Humungousaur, Rath

Important StuffEdit

Alan realises that he was meant to be a Plumber.


  • Manny graduated prior to this episode.
  • During this episode, Kevin and Gwen are on a date, brought up in the next episode.
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Viable (episode) A Work of Art Part 2

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