This is the third episode of Ben 10: The Alien Generation by AustralianFan.

A Work of Art Part 2
General Information
Original broadcast January 27, 2012
Series Ben 10: The Alien Generation
Season 1
Episode number 3
Overall episode number 3
Written by User:AustralianFan
Directed by User:AustralianFan

Previously on The Alien GenerationEdit

Alan had doubts about where he was headed in life, but Rath pointed him in the right direction.


Ben as Rath has just convinced Alan to stop painting, when he hears that Zombozo is robbing the Louvre. Rath changes into Brainstorm and flies over there, only to find he is too late. He swings over to the Smithsonian, after passing a TV shop with the news stating that Zombozo is now at the Smithsonian. Brainstorm flies over to the Smithsonian, and confronts Zombozo. Brainstorm changes into Spidermonkey and webs Zombozo. Zombozo sprays acid from his gag extinguisher and gets free. Spidermonkey goes Ultimate. Ultimate Spidermonkey traps Zombozo in a Chrysalis, then changes into Echo Echo. Echo Echo splits into 6 and about to make a sonic blast when one of the Echo Echos decides to go Ultimate. Ultimate Echo Echo is now one, and uses Sonic Doom on Zombozo, and that breaks the Chrysalis. Zombozo is about to get up, so Ultimate Echo Echo changes into Cannonbolt and rolls over Zombozo. Cannonbolt changes into XLR8 and creates a vortex around Zombozo. XLR8 changes into Grey Matter to ask if Zombozo has had enough (in Grey Matter's voice) and Zombozo answers that he doesn't want to go to the circus (mummy!). Grey Matter changes into Upgrade to slink off, but after exiting the museum decides to changes into Ghostfreak and fly home. Gwen and Kevin are at Ben's house wondering how he could call them whilst fighting Zombozo only to leave him unconscious at the Smithsonian. Ben says he totally forgot that he'd requested backup, and asks how Gwen and Kevin's date was. Gwen almost denies, stops herself, and says it was nice. Kevin comments on how he managed not to embarrass Gwen. Meanwhile, Zombozo is in prison (and has been for a few minutes now), and Clancy, Rojo, Sublimino and Vulkanus show up at his cell.


Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Alan, Helen

Zombozo gets away


Zombozo, Clancy, Rojo, Sublimino, Vulkanus

Aliens UsedEdit

Rath, Brainstorm, Spidermonkey, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, XLR8, Grey Matter, Upgrade, Ghostfreak

Important StuffEdit

The Negative 10 appear for the first time.


Scene 1Edit

Rath: This has been nice, ALAN ALBRIGHT and HELEN WHEELS!| Alan: Bye, Ben... uh... Rath!| Helen: Now we can finish off Plumber's training!| Ultimatrix: Newsfeed! Zombozo is stealing paintings from the Louvre.| Rath: Can't I catch a BREAK!| <Rath changes into Brainstorm>| Brainstorm: Time to investigate the crime scenario and confront the perpetrator!| <Brainstorm flies to the Louvre>

Scene 2Edit

Brainstorm: Alas, it appears that the criminal has fled the scene of the crime!| Reporter on TV: Zombozo has robbed the Louvre and is now headed for the Smithsonian. For the French watching this broadcast...| Brainstorm: Hmmm... The Smithsonian, eh?| <Brainstorm flies to the Smithsonian>

Scene 3Edit

Brainstorm: It would seem you have been caught red-shoed!| Zombozo: A quip about my shoes! My, you have crossed a line!| Brainstorm: Yeah? Well tell it to...| <Brainstorm changes into Spidermonkey>| Spidermonkey: Spidermonkey! You're going to return those- paintings?| <Spidermonkey calls for backup>| Zombozo: It's true, I have taste. Sure, the paintings here aren't as good as those in the Louvre, but what can you do?| Spidermonkey: You're going to stop!| <Spidermonkey goes Ultimate>| Ultimate Spidermonkey: Ultimate Spidermonkey!| <Battling>| <Ultimate Spidermonkey changes into Echo Echo>| Echo Echo: Echo Echo!| <Battling>| <Echo Echo goes Ultimate>| Ultimate Echo Echo: Ultimate Echo Echo! Sonic Dooom!| <Ultimate Echo Echo changes into Cannonbolt>| Cannonbolt: Cannonbolt!| <Battling>| <Cannonbolt changes into XLR8>| XLR8: XLR8!| <Battling>| <XLR8 changes into Grey Matter>| Grey Matter: Give up, Zombozo?| Zombozo: I don't wanna go to the circus, mummy!| <Grey Matter changes into Upgrade>| <Upgrade exits the Smithsonian>|
Upgrade: No need to thank me officers! Hmm... better change into...| <Upgrade changes into Ghostfreak>|
Ghostfreak: Ghostfreak!| <Ghostfreak flies home>

Scene 4Edit

Gwen: Why would you call us if you had everything under control?| Kevin: Yeah, Tennyson!| Ben: Oh, that? Totally forgot! How was your date?| Gwen: It WASN- Okay, okay, it was nice.| Kevin: Yeah! I didn't even embarrass Gwen or anything!| Ben: That's good to know.

Scene 5Edit

<Four N10 Members bust open the cell door>| Zombozo: Well, if it isn't the Negative 10 at my doorstep! How fetching!| <Evil Laughter>


  • Gwen and Kevin went on a date.
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