Story starts off at Ben's home. Ben is watching 'The Golden Girls' with Kevin. Kevin is tired of watching the show, and says he'll go home to watch something better. Albedo sees Kevin leave and barges into Ben's house as Swampfire. Ben changes into Wildmutt. Wildmutt roars and tackles Swampfire. Wildmutt bites off Swampfires head but it grows back. An annoyed Swampfire throws seeds at Wildmutt. Wildmutt becomes entangled. Swampfire then slams Wildmutts head with a firery punch. Albedo changes into Echo Echo to torture Wildmutt.
Wildmutt manages to reach the Ultimatrix symbol. Ben transforms into a new alien, Pin Ball.
Echo Echo tries to threaten Pin Ball. Pin Ball discover his gravity warping powers and uses them. Pin Ball uses his tough-as-steel wrecking ball hands to knock out most of the Echo Echo clones. The Echo Echo clones come together and change into Spidermonkey. Pin Ball restores gravity. Pin Ball then jumps from wall to wall to try to punch Spidermonkey until Spidermonkey fires a web at Pin Ball and it makes him
Pin Ball

Pin Ball the Bahy way!

stick to the wall. Pin Ball fires a beam from his antenna at a shelf behind Spidermonkey. The shelf is pushed into Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey screeches. Spidermonkey changes back into Albedo. Pin Ball pushes the web off of him. Pin Ball uses his balls to corner Albedo. Ben then gets ready to put Albedo away for good, and sends him to the Null Void. Pin Ball changes back into Ben. Ben is excited that he has gained a new alien and is just in time to catch the end of 'The Golden Girls'. THE END



Aliens UsedEdit

By Ben:

By Albedo:

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