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Ben 10: The Alien Generation is a series by AustralianFan that started on January 20 2012, with the Pilot Episode called 'Viable'. The series was cancelled partway through Season 2. The original plans for the series were put down in detail, and there may be a continuation by a different author.

Series SummaryEdit

In a universe where The Omnitrix was not prepared at the end of Ultimate Alien, Vilgax has risen again and plans to trap Ben in another universe or tear the Earth apart. With Ssserpent and Argit pitted against each other, Alan getting distracted, the return of a wiser, more dangerous ten, the son of Eon, another missing omnitrix prototype, another inmate of Area 51, allies in other universes, and the secret world waging war, Season 1 really heats up.

Season 2 summary coming soon.


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Known CharactersEdit


Ben Tennyson


Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Azmuth, Professor Paradox, Alan Albright, Helen Wheels, Julie Yamamoto, Ship, Prisoner 628, Theodore Hopeman, Will Harangue, Max Tennyson, Sunder, Eunice, Myaxx, Baz-El, Tetrax, Xylene, Magister Webber, Leon Carnivore, ADAM, EVE, Zak Saturday, Drew Saturday, Doc Saturday, Komodo Saturday, Fiskerton Saturday, Zon Saturday, Cooper Daniels, Manny Armstrong, Steve Cummings, The Vreedle Brothers, Jennifer Nocturne, Kenko, Ishiyama, Technorg, Various Creatures (incl. Krakken and Moldywarp), President, New Enforcers, Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetarah, Panthro


Psyphon, Vilgax, Argit, Ssserpent, Trumbipulor, Zombozo, Clancy, Sublimino, Rojo, Vulkanus, Hex, Eon, Simian, Kraab, Inspector #13, Sunny, Antonio, Nagas, The Mondays (Zak, Drew, Doc, Fisk, Komodo, Zon), Frightwig, Acidbreath, Thumbskull, The Wolf, The Mummy, Azul, Amarillo, Jonah Melville, Jack, Duane, Dr. Animo, Darkstar, Overlord, Road Crew (Road Rage, Baron Highway, Turbine), CyberVilgax, War-Wagers, Mumm-Ra, Mumm-Ra's Generals, Brug and Cloft, Future Villains (?)

Ben's AliensEdit

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