This is the sixteenth episode of Ben 10: The Alien Generation by AustralianFan.

Ben There, Done That Part 2
General Information
Original broadcast December 21, 2012
Series Ben 10: The Alien Generation
Season 2
Episode number 3
Overall episode number 16
Written by User:AustralianFan
Directed by User:AustralianFan

Previously on The Alien GenerationEdit

Ben travelled to three alternate realities and now the future, where future villains trouble Ben 10, 000 and CyberBen.


Fasttrack and Trojan have arrived at ChamAlien’s side, and ChamAlien changes into Shocksquatch. CyberBen changes from Fasttrack to Heatblast, and Ben 10, 000 changes from Trojan to Blizard. Blizard starts trying to freeze Everstar, whilst Heatblast tries to scorch Everstar. Realising their flawed logic, Ben 10, 000 changes into Ultimate Way Big, and CyberBen changes into Eye Guy. Ben is fighting Everstar as Shocksquatch, and then tries fighting as Drousand, Jury Rigg, Aardaunt, and Ultimate Big Chill. Ultimate Way Big and Eye Guy blast Everstar with their most powerful beams, as Ben reverts back to his normal self. Paradox arrives and sees the pointless attempts at getting Everstar, and says that it is about the time that he interfered for the sake of all, snaps his fingers, and says that Everstar is now safely locked away where he can never escape. He then says that Ben can stay here for a bit, maybe help his future self catch Vulkanus X and Zombozo the Superclown. Ben 10, 000 changes into Drousand, CyberBen changes into Trojan, and Ben changes into XLR8. The three race off to the investigation site, and continue searching from there. Ben’s Ultimatrix has timed out, so whilst Ben 10, 000 has changed into Four Arms, and CyberBen has changed into Ultimate Humungousaur, Ben must wait to get availability again. CyberBen thinks that maybe a smart being would quicken their search.

CyberBen changes into Grey Matter, Ben 10, 000 changes into Brainstorm, and Ben gets the green, so cycles through Diamondhead, XLR8, Dolfin and Aardaunt, before getting to Grey Matter. Ben, however, mistransforms into Neptide. As luck would have, Neptide turns out to be rather intelligent. The three minds deduce the whereabouts of the two criminals, and change into Stinkfly, Big Chill and Jetray. The three fly to the location where they know they will face off against Vulkanus X and Zombozo the Superclown. Stinkfly changes into Ultimate Humungousaur, Big Chill goes Ultimate, and Jetray changes into Aardaunt. The three manage to overpower the two criminals, and place them somewhere that they surely won’t escape again. Ben is sent home by Gwen’s time portal.


Ben, Paradox, CyberBen, Ben 10, 000, Future Gwen


Everstar, Vulkanus X, Zombozo the Superclown

Aliens UsedEdit

By Ben: ChamAlien, Shocksquatch, Drousand, Jury Rigg, Aardaunt, Ultimate Big Chill, XLR8, Neptide, Stinkfly, Ultimate Humungousaur | By CyberBen: Fasttrack, Heatblast, Eye Guy, Trojan, Ultimate Humungousaur, Grey Matter, Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill | By Ben 10, 000: Trojan, Blizard, Ultimate Way Big, Drousand, Four Arms, Brainstorm, Jetray, Aardaunt

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Ben There, Done That Part 1 [[]]

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