Ben is driving in the DX Mark 10 to Mr. Smoothy when suddenly his car stops. Ben looks over and
La cara de diamante-1-
see's that he ran over Diamondhead's shards. Ben gets out of his car and looks around. "Nothing. Oh well." Ben transforms into Jury Rigg to fix his car. Ben gets back into his car and drives off. Ben looks at his rear view mirror. "Whoa! Did I just see two of me?!" Ben looks into his mirror again to see Negative Ben. "Time to die!" Negative Ben says. Ben wrecks the DX Mark 10 into a building. Negative Ben transforms into ChamAlien. ChamAlien disappears. Ben transforms "Eye Guy! I see you!" Eye Guy fires an energy beam at ChamAlien. ChamAlien climbs onto a building and yells "You des
troyed my perfect empire! I am no longer in control of my universe!" ChamAlien shouts. "Oh I'm so sorry I overthrew you. You where a great evil, murderous, oppressive dictator!" Eye Guy says sarcastically. ChamAlien transforms into Lodestar. Lodestar tosses a car at Eye Guy. Eye Guy quickly transforms into Clockwork and destroys the car using his time ray. Lodestar transforms into Diamondhead. "Your time rays won't work on me!" Diamondhead shouts. Clockwork transforms into XLR8. XLR8 runs around Diamondhead. Diamondhead trys to hit him with his crystals but XLR8 is too fast. XLR8 runs to Kevin's house. Diamondhead transforms into Fast
185px-Ampulheta de ben
track and follows him. Kevin is asleep on his couch. XLR8 breaks down Kevin's door. Kevin wakes up and shouts "Hey! My door!" Kevin shouts. "You built a space ship! I think you can fix a door! Anyway I need to use your Playstation 4." XLR8 shouts. "You can play games later!" Kevin shouts. "I need to use the dimensional transporter on it." XLR8 grabs Kevin's Play Station 4 and runs outside. Fasttrack arrives "Why did you run away?! Are you afraid I was going to beat you!" Fasttrack says while transforming back into Negative Ben. "I am not afraid of you! I was getting this!" XLR8 presses a button that sends Negative Ben back to his dimension straight to a high tech prison. Kevin comes outside half asleep. "Now I can't go back to sleep!" Kevin says. XlR8 transforms into Howl. "Don't you dare........" Kevin is put to sleep by Howl. "Now time to get that smotthy!" Howl says. The End



  • Negative Ben

Aliens UsedEdit

By Ben:

By Negative Ben:

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