Story starts out at Mr. Smoothy. Ben is drinking a Blue Berry Banana Blast smoothie. When Ben finishes his smoothie he goes up to the counter and asks for 10 more.

Mr.Smoothy Worker

The worker is shocked but Ben just changes into Upchuck and gulp the Smoothies, the cups and the trays in one big gulp. The worker hands Upchuck a tray of 10 smoothies. The worker is disgusted, to Upchuck's surprise.
Upchuck looks at an old dirty trashcan and gets an idea. Upchuck vomits all over the trashcan melting some of it in the process. Then he wraps his tounge around what is left of it and eats it. The worker gags an
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d vomits on the ground. Upchuck comments on the worker's bad hygiene, causing the worker to faint from shock. Upchuck changes into AmpFibian to try and defibrillate the worker. Feeling hurt from both the defibrillation and Ben's mean trick,Ben decides it's time to go, and turns into XLR8 so that he can run off. THE END


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