73px-Fasttrack A Knight
Ben is asleep on his couch when suddenly Professor Paradox appears. Ben says he is tired, but Paradox says that this is a matter of urgency. Paradox says that if Kevin and Vilgax aren't freed from the Null Void, they will amass enough power to escape the Null Void and destroy you. Ben asks Paradox to take him to the right time. Ben sees Vilgax and Kevin arguing. He grabs their attention and changes into Fasttrack Vilgax and Kevin refuse to listen, so Ben changes into Benwolf.
180px-185px-Ben 10 - Benwolf howling
Benwolf lets ou
180px-185px-Mutated kevin 11
t a sonic howl in Vilgax's face then slashes him. Kevin fires Diamondhead shards at Benwolf. Benwolf counters with his sonic howl. Vilgax picks up Benwolf and slams him into the ground. Benwolf changes into Big Chill and goes Ultimate. Ultimate Big Chill freezes Kevin and Vilgax. Paradox reappears and takes the three out of the Null Void.
180px-200px-Picture 1k
Ultimate Big Chill changes into Heatblast. Heatblast thaws Vilgax and Kevin out. Heatblast changes back into Ben. Ben decides its time to go, and Paradox agrees. Now they are back in Ben's living room, and everything is as it should be. Ben goes back to sleep. The End



Aliens UsedEdit

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