Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are fighting Hex in a warehouse. Hex is really mad at the trio for 'leaving Charmcaster trapped with Adwaita'.Ben changes into Eye Guy and fires an energy beam at Hex. Hex counters the attack by firing a beam of manna from his staff. He does not believe the trio about how she chose to stay, she was not 'trapped'. Eye Guy fires a freeze beam at Hex leaving him frozen solid. It turns out Ben had brought the Null Void projector. Eye Guy uses the Null Void projector to send a frozen solid Hex into the Null Void. All the while, Gwen and Kevin start to realise that they're not quite themselves.
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It turns out Hex had cooked up the stew needed to cast the spell Transfera Identica. Kwen (Kevin in Gwen's body) says he needs to go, and Gevin (Gwen in Kevin's body) is concerned that Kevin might perv on her body while he uses it to go to the bathroom. Gevin realises the size of her body's butt. Ben says they need to focus on getting Hex to revert the Transfera Indentica. Gwen and Kevin start to argue as Ben (as Jetray) goes into the Null Void to attempt breaking Hex out.
Jetray searches the Null Void for Hex trying his best to avoid the Havok Beasts in the process. Jetray finds Hex and uses NRG to thaw him out. Ben convinces Hex to come with him by saying they will get Charmcaster from the Ledger Domain. Ben changes into Wildmutt and they dash through the Null Void until Ben finds the spot he came from and uses the Null Void projector.
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Hex says that there was enough potion to cast two spells, and changes Gwen and Kevin back to normal, resulting in great relief from the both of them. Ben then tells Hex that Charmcaster will be safe soon enough. THE END



  • Hex
  • Havok Beast

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