Bovin or Bovin Havin is a character and a fusion of Kevin Levin and Bobo Haha.


Bovin is arrogant, silly, is a deadily prankster, and toys with his enemies in battle. He barely seams to takes things seriously.


Bovin is a very muscular, has pale skin, has black eyes, has black shadows around his eyes, has lengthened long shaggy brown hair, his body is covered in black fur, has Kevin's pants and shoes, obtained Bobo's belt, has Bobo's cuffs, and his goatee. Bovin is also smaller than Kevin as he was shown to be as tall as Julie and Gwen.


Bovin has Bobo's pistols and Kevin's plumber laser gun (from Ultimate Enemy), then combining them to make one powerful laser gun. Bovin also obtains Kevin's ability to absorb energy, power, and matter, but can do it much better and not going crazy with power. Bovin is a very skilled weapons master, and has many weapons. Even though Bovin is powerful character, Bex is confirmed to be an even more powerful fusion than him.


  • Bovin's appearance is similar to that of a Super Saiyan 4.
  • Bovin is half chimp, half human, and half osmosian.
  • Bovin looks older than Kevin as he looks like a man in his 20s and is buff.
  • Both Bovin's and Bex's names begin with a "B".

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