Camalien Season 2-12
General Information
Species Merlinisapien
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid Lizard
Powers and abilities
Abilities Camouflage

Invisibility Enhanced Agility Enhanced Flexibility Enhanced Strength Tail Stinger Enhanced Durability

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

ChamAlien is the Codon Stream's DNA Sample of a Merlinisapien from an unknown planet


Ben 10 Ultimate Universe :Edit

Ben 10: The Alien Generation


ChamAlien has a slim body that resembles a large purple lizard with darker spots, causing his body to resemble camouflage. He has three triangular base-vision color eyes, and the green one is incapable of blinking or winking. He has a wide mouth with sharp teeth and the Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned, he has sharp teeth. His lizard like body grants him wall scaling abilities, super agility and flexibility, and like a chameleon (part of his namesake) can turn invisible. He also has enhanced strength and durability, and can make use of a retractable black barb that can come out of his tail.


ChamAlien almost completely invisible.





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