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it starts at Amr's house he is seen taking some of his old stuff to sell it for the poor in a good price when Hasnaa and Bahy come to help"oh hi buddy you wanna some help ?"Bahy says,"oh please..."Amr says,"hey honey"Hasnaa says,"hey sweet heart"Amr says,"I am gonna see what can i do to help okay ?"Hasnaa says,"oh okay it's....."Amr stops talking when he sees a super hot girl getting out of a car smiling when she looks at him while walking to the place next to Amr's place Amr is amazed while he has a stupid look on his face when Hasnaa interrupts "Amr Amr are you okay ?"Hasnaa says,"huh...are you saying something ?"Amr says,when bahy gets out of the place carrying a heavy box when his sight falls on the girl he drops the box shouting "oh my god who is that ? a super sexy woman or what ?",when Hasnaa notices the girl she gets mad then she looks at Amr "that's why you are not focusing with me you bitch"Hasnaa says when she steps on Amr's foot he shouts "ouch...why did you do that?"Amr says," and I will do that again if I saw you looking at another girl but me even if she was that stupid funky bitch you moron"hasnaa shouts then she walks away,"oh c'mon....did you see that ?"Amr talks to bahy when he sees bahy looking at the girl "oh man I see nothing but that Chick"Bahy says,"whatever !!!"Amr says then he walks to his place ( I will continue later)

Major EventsEdit


  • Amr
  • Bahy
  • Hasnaa
  • Iris

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