Story starts off at Ben's home. Ben is sitting on his couch watching Sumo Slammers when suddenly he gets an alert on his plumbers badge that Dr. Animo is attacking Hollywood, California. Ben is confused, so changes into Jetray and flies to Hollywood. When he arrives Dr. Animo is shouting about getting the message of Animal-Human equality to everybody. Dr. Animo is controlling Mutant Frogs. Jetray changes into NRG. NRG says he is tired of Dr. Animo having nothing new,
and Dr. Animo surprises Ben with the Exo-Skull. Exo-Skull catches NRG off-guard a fires a beam to send him flying. NRG is suddenly grabbed by one of the mutant frog's tongue and is swallowed by the frog. NRG he
180px-185px-Greetings From Ultimate Big Chill Techadons
ats up inside the frogs body, causing the frog to explode. Exo-Skull fires another energy blast but NRG counters with a beam of his own. Exo-Skull charges at NRG. Exo-Skull and NRG lock hands. NRG heats his hands
up, burning Exo-Skull. NRG changes intp Goop. Goop gets on Exo-Skull's back and starts to become acidic, hurting Exo-Skull. Exo-Skull tries frantically to avoid pain. Suddenly a mutant frog wraps his tongue around Goop's anti-gravity projector and swallows it. Goop quickly changes into Big Chill and goes Ultimate. Having enough, Ultimate Big Chill freezes Exo-Skull and then goes on to freeze all of the mutant frogs. Ultimate Big Chill calls the Plumbers so they can send Animo, the Exo-Skull and the 20 mutated frogs to the Null Void. Ultimate Big Chill reverts to Big Chill and then Ben. Ben is relieved that he is finished here. The End



  • Dr.Animo
  • Exo-Skull
  • Mutant Frogs (20)

Aliens UsedEdit

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