Dylan 11: Revolutionary is a fan fiction series created by Tennantfan.


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Two months since Dylan altered reality, a burning building leads to him meeting his new partner, Stryker. Old and new enemies await them. The altered universes equivelant of Draygett, a 12 year old child, is released from prison. Not everyone is happy about it, but Dylan knows that the altered villain isn't like his predecessor. A new Omnitrix, new aliens, a new Draygett, a new partner, and best of all, a new Dylan.



  • Dylan Jones - The main protagonist of the series. Dylan tries to make everything as fun as possible, even in the gravest of situations. With his new Omnitrix, and his new alien forms, he is convinced that it is his fate to be the worlds greatest saviour.
  • Stryker - A Zeanoconian Plumber, he knows all of Dylan's forms, and has an armour that adapts to work alongside them. Stryker knows all the galaxies greatest villains (and stopped a few), helping Dylan when they come across villains he's never faced.


  • Dray Gett - The altered version of Draygett, a 12 year old child with no memory of his past, older self. An innocent child, he is looked down on by the Plumbers, except Dylan and Stryker who understand that he's genuinely nice. He doesnt understand why everyone else hates him, but he's still as kind as he can be.
  • Magister Zet - Commander of the System City Plumber Base, he gives Dylan collected information to help with his hero work. He is skeptical of Dray Gett, but tries to be nice to him.



Season 1Edit

Dracus, a weapon master of unknown origin, is working behind the scenes to prepare an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons. His plan? To prove that he can take down the most powerful of foes, Dylan Jones. The Omnitrix wielder and his new partner, Stryker, fight threats, unaware of Dracus' plan. Hitting it off with a crime ring, Dylan and Stryker form a great bond that will prove to be the strongest partnership in the entire Plumber network.

  1. Thieves of the Kind (Part 1)
  2. Thieves of the Kind (Part 2)

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