Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution is a fan fiction series created by Tennantfan.


Dylan Jones is the new hero on the block. And with the all new Infinitrix in his posession, nothing can stop him. Or so he thinks. Xeros, the Supreme Ruler of Neo Terras is after the powers of an alien inside the Infinitrix so he can repay a debt from two centuries ago. The very boundaries of System City are being shaken as the new hero rises up to face against both human and alien threats alike.


The Infinitrix



  • Dylan Jones - The main protagonist of the series. Dylan tries to make everything as fun as possible, even in the gravest of situations. He is the wielder of the Infinitrix, another incarnation of the Omnitrix built by Azmuth for the purpose of uniting all life in the universe... Or so he says.
  • Alpha Star - An ordinary human with a slight difference. Alpha can upload the blueprints of machines into his brain just by touching the object. He can then (At a very high speed) build a new version of the machine from other nearby machines. Alpha is Dylan's best friend and co-Hero.


  • Xeros - The Supreme Ruler of Trionax. Xeros is a member of an honourable race who would rather die than be dishonoured or break a promise. Two centuries prior to Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution, an event took place that put Xeros in debt to the Trinity.
  • Sir Draygett - Sir Draygett is one of the Trinity. His eventual plan is to take over the Earth and create an apocalyptic disaster to awaken the Elder Beast.
  • Sir Zaria - Sir Zaria is the second of the Trinity.
  • Sir Arianis - Sir Arianis is the third of the Trinity.


Season 1Edit

Shortly after Dylan recieves the Infinitrix, an alien warlord named Xeros comes to Earth to repay an old debt. This sets off a chain of events that leads to the battle of the century. Can Dylan stop the Trinity before it's too late?

  1. Dylan and the 11 (Part 1)
  2. The Master Xeros (Part 2)
  3. The Problem With Draygett
  4. Dylan 11,000 (Episode)
  5. Simply Shocking
  6. Army Awekening
  7. Forever Enemies
  8. The Zaria Theory
  9. Vanish Into Thin Tear
  10. Xeros Descending
  11. Fall Of Arcadia
  12. Battle Of The Trinity Part 1
  13. Battle Of The Trinity Part 2

Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution will be followed by Dylan 11: Revolutionary