Dylan Jones is the 16-year-old main protaganist in Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution.


In his human form, Dylan is around 5 ft 11 in. with white hair and blue eyes. He wears a black jacket with a white stripe down the left sleeve and a white line on the left side of the collar. He wears jeans and has black shoes.


Dylan is very kind to people he knows and he doesn't, unless he knows they're bad. When in tough situations he is very serious and is very generous to his friends.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the wielder of the Infinitrix, Dylan can change into any alien previously unlocked. He also has some basic knowledge of karate from when he attended karate classes at the age of eleven.


Ben was raised in System City by his parents (Jarrod and Laurie). He attended System Elementary School and later, System High School.

At the age of 14, he learnt that his dad was a plumber before he was born. This lead to Dylan attending the Plumber's academy for a week, where he passed and recieved a Plumber standard-issue badge.

On his sixteenth birthday, whilst eagerly awaiting for his parents to give him his presents, Dylan opened a present from Magister Hulka, who taught him at the Plumber's Academy. Opening the box, he finds a metal pod, which opens and the Infinitrix attaches itself to his arm.


  • Dylan seems to become much more aggressive in an aliens Infinite form.
  • His favourite alien in the Infinitrix is Ampethyst.

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