General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Swallowing materials

Shooting a laser beam out of his front head fin Sharp claws Super strength Enhanced Durability

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Eatle is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an unknown species.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eatles ability is quite similar to Upchuck's ability,they both eat solid material.The only difference is that Upchuck eats to spit back the energy, but Eatle eats to store energy in his horn to shoot lasers.

He also has a very powerful body, which also gives him enhanced strength.


Eatle after smashed through the walls


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Ben 10: The Alien GenerationEdit

His lookEdit

Eatle is a humanoid alien. He is dark blueish-purplish and light blue in color. He has a long fin on the top of his head connected to a shorter fin at the back of his head and a large mouth that spreads over part of his chest. He also has a belt and wristbands as well as oval shaped eyes.thumb|300px|right|Eatle Transformation