This is the thirteenth episode of Ben 10: The Alien Generation by AustralianFan.

Previously on The Alien GenerationEdit

Hex ran amok, Ben reunlocked Eon, Jonah wouldn't quit pestering Yetis, and Ben got trapped inside Alien X.


Ben is Alien X. He is trying to convince Serena and Bellicus to help him. In the real world, the fight rages on. Alien X is in the middle of it, but not getting hit. But then the Dragon Ruler is foolish enough to try and breathe fire on Alien X. Inside Alien X, Bellicus and Serena feel that the vessel is in danger, and grant Ben the wish of breaking the Dragon Ruler's control over the creatures. Alien X changes into Fasttrack and rounds up the creatures. Fasttrack gets them all home and safe. Fasttrack changes into Water Hazard and soaks the poachers, militants and other such war lovers/animal haters. Water Hazard changes into Chromastone and knocks out Jonah, Jack and Duane, who almost got away. Chromastone changes into Eon and erases the Dragon Ruler from time, and everything goes back in time, as if none of this happened, and Jonah and Ben are fighting again. Ben changes into Ditto and overpowers Jonah, then changes into Stinkfly and flies Jonah to prison. Then one of Clockwork's species shows up and changes things back to the way they were before Ben went Eon. Then he says that death is the easy way out for this shapeshifting con artist, and that there are no such things as the kinds of dragons he described. Then a Citrakayah and a Vaxasaurian arrive. They say that they've been hired by the original Galactic Enforcers to take their place while they are powerless because of Vilgax's interference with Ultimo's home planet. The Clockwork alien, the Citrakayah and the Vaxasaurian take the con artist and leave Earth. Ben wonders if he'll ever catch a break, and then decides he won't, so he says to himself he has ten new aliens to start practicing with.

Important StuffEdit

The New Enforcers were revealed.

The New Enforcers imprisoned the con artist in the Null Void.


Ben, Serena, Bellicus, Creatures, New Enforcers (Clockwork Alien, Citrakayah, Vaxasaurian)


Dragon Ruler (revealed con), Jonah Melville, Jack, Duane, Paochers, Militants, Senior Politicians, Animal Haters

Aliens UsedEdit

Alien X, Fasttrack, Water Hazard, Chromastone, Eon, Ditto, Stinkfly


  • It aired on June 12, 2012 (6, 12, 12).
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