Infinite Ampethyst is the first Infinite Form shown in Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution. He is the Infinite Form of Ampethyst.


Infinite Ampethyst is humanoid in shape. He is fairly bulky and made of blue crystal. On his back there are eight spikes, two large ones closer to his shoulders and six short ones down where the spine would be. All over his body are blue, glowing veins. His chest can open his chest revealing a green crystal with glowing green veins. From his knees down, his crystals are darker in colour. This is also the same with his elbows down. He has green eyes with darker crystal around it. For unknown reasons, Infinite Ampethyst isn't as bulky as Ampethyst.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Infinite Ampethyst can create sonic squeals that can knock people unconscious. He can manipulate crystals to such an extent that he can lift buildings. He can shoot crystals from any part of his body, the crystals can then produce a sonic squeal. When his chest opens, he can shoot green energy bolts from the green crystal.

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