Julie Yamamoto is Ben's primary love interest, and later becomes his girlfriend. She first appeared in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 at Ben's soccer game and congratulates him. On their first date in Pier Pressure, she discovers Ben's powers, but much to his surprise, she finds it "cool." She usually wears a black t-shirt mostly hidden under a pink sweatshirt, and a white mini skirt. When playing tennis she is shown wearing white wrist bands, shirt, and skirt. In Fame, when Ben's secret was exposed, she kissed him on the cheek for some encouragement. In Hero Time, she was kidnapped, until Ben saved her life and called her "his girl" and she smiles.

Julie in Amr's (Out break) Time lineEdit

Julie became a Villain in my (Out Break) comic the reason is that she thought that Ben Betrayed her with Eunice and he let her fall in the Acid or the Chemical which made her a Freak,but the fact is that he thought that she died.and she calls herelf (Bad Julie).


Julie wears a black t-shirt mostly hidden under a pink sweatshirt and a white mini skirt. When playing tennis, she wears white wrist bands, t-shirt and her own skirt. She has short black hair with bangs, and white shoes.

Appearance of Bad Julie :Edit

she is the same as Julie but her face is half normal half Upgrade,wtih big hands and fingers like Shocksquatch.

Powers and Abilities of Bad Julie:Edit

she has the powers of the aliens in the omnitrix as her Dna merged with the DNA of the aliens when she fell in Primus's volacno as what happened in The Revenge of the red Episdode in Ultimate Universe series by Outbreak.

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Appearances of Bad Julie Edit

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