Kevin Ethan Levin is a Human/Osmosian hybrid and is a teammate of Ben's team. When Kevin first appeared in the original series, he quickly became one of Ben's most notable nemesis. However, he reformed in Alien force, and then became one of the main hero characters. However, following the events in The Forge of creation, he becomes an insane villain again until his sanity was restored in Absolute power part 2

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Ben 10 Ultimate Universe:

  1. Heroes Unleashed
  2. The Allaince
  3. The Date
  4. Clawsed
  5. Super Soldier
  6. The Evanescence
  7. Vilgax double attacks
  8. A Knight with Dragons
  9. My Old Nanny
  10. The Clash Between Red and Green
  11. Phantom Of The Pyramids
  12. When Moon Rises
  13. Detention
  14. Aggregor 10,000
  15. New Breed
  16. Charming Sacrifice
  17. Bring Me To Life
  18. Julie is back
  19. Feel The Rath Of Love

Appearances in Ben 10: The Alien Generation (AuFan)Edit