List of my comicsEdit

  1. Heroes United the series
  2. Pokemon Dark and Light

Heroes UnitedEdit

Is about Ben and Rex teaming up to stop Alpha and his evil plan (that is yet unkown). While waiting for Azmuth to create a device to send Rex back to his own dimension to stop alpha,Ben and Rex will just have to do what Ben does all day: Saving the world from aliens and crooks.

Pokemon Dark and LightEdit

Join Mat a 10 year old boy as he travels the Unova Region with his best buddy Oshawott,and the two people that travel along with him: Danny (a 15 year old red head with powerful skills and intellegence),and Bianca (a cute 10 year old girl that has a litttle crush on Mat,she also has a starter pokemon,Tepig).Best not to forget Mats powerful rival:Cheren who started with a Snivy.Will Mat be able to obtain all 8 Unova badges and win the Unova Region League? Stay tuned to find out! (P.S most of the events are based on the game).