300px-Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Season 2 Episode 21 Mother Of All Vreedles 22 0473
The story starts off at Incarcecon. Ma Vreedle is in her cell asleep when suddenly she is woken by a loud crash, to realise that the Pretty Boy Vreedles have come to break her out from Incarcecon. Many Plumbers such as Magister Korwak, Magister Hulka, and Magister Patteliday are on the scene trying to hold off the Pretty Boy clones. It seems that the pretty boy clones have figured out how to use Ma Vreedle's cloning kit and have taken all of the water off Saturn's moon Titan. One of the clones hands Ma Vreedle her blaster. Ma Vreedle starts to fire at the Plumbers and Robot Guards. Magister Patteliday calls Ben Tennyson for help. Ben re
185px-Brain Storm shield
es the message, fires the Null Void Projector, changes into Jetray, and flies to Incarcecon. Jetray arrives on the scene and changes into Brainstorm. Brainstorm fires electricity at the Pretty Boy Vreedles. Brainstorm intellectually forms a sentence, causing much confusion to the simpleton brains of Ma Vreedle and her pretty boy clones. Ma Vreedle starts blasting at Brainstorm
185px-Ultieme kanonbal 2
, the Plumbers, and Robot Guards. Brainstorm puts up an electrical force field in front of everyone. Korwak starts to panic. Brainstorm changes into Cannonbolt before going Ultimate. Ultimate Cannonbolt starts to bowl over the Pretty Boy Vreedles, angering Ma Vreedle. Ma Vreedle grabs onto Ultimate Cannonbolt with her apron strap and throws him into a wall. Ultimate Cannonbolt bounces back straight onto Ma Vreedle. Ma Vreedle faints and the Pretty Boy Vreedles surrender. Hulka shouts at Ben while thanking him, resulting in Ben, now normal again, shouting back. The End.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Magister Korwak
  • Magister Hulka
  • Magister Patteliday
  • Robot Guards


  • Ma Vreedle
  • Pretty Boy Vreedle Clones

Aliens UsedEdit

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