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Myaxx is a Chimera Sui Generis member of the DNA Force and Athmuth's assistant.


Ben 10: The Alien Generation

Her lookEdit

n the original series, Myaxx was similar in appearance to Vilgax before his accident with Xylene's ship, to the point Ben confused her with him. However, she had the Chimera Sui Generis mark of beauty on her main tentacle, and was leaner.

In Alien Force, Myaxx has a more feminine appearance, with fewer facial tentacles and a leaner body.


Although Myaxx is the same species than one of the most dangerous alien warlords in the universe, Myaxx is, ironically, portrayed as a coward who would gladly try to run away if she had the chance. In an argument with Ben, she described herself as "a selfish and self-centered being". However, she showed some concern about the universe being destroyed, and was able to overcome her cowardice in order to fight Vilgax's army.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Myaxx possesses enhanced strength and durability, making her a naturally good fighter. She was able to kick Upchuck a long distance, and was seen tearing apart Vilgax's drones with her bare hands.

In addition to her strength, Myaxx is an intelligent and skilled scientist, who helped Azmuth in creating the Omnitrix and so knows how to use it to some extent.

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