185px-Silver Techadon
185px-Turning Around
Ben is driving to Mr.Smoothy at night when suddenly a Techadon walks right in front of Ben's car. Ben tries to avoid hitting him but he can't. The Techadon picks up Ben's car and throws it at a concrete wall. Ben changes into Ghostfreak just before the car crashes. Angry and confused as his anger has made sound like Kevin, Ben changes into ChamAlien and disapears. The Techadon scans the area for to try to locate him. ChamAlien picks up a stop sign and slams the Techadon in the back. ChamAlien disapears again. ChamAlien then suddenly appears in front of the Techadon and punches him in the face. The Techadon grabs onto ChamAlien and starts to squeeze him in between
his arms. An angry ChamAlien changes into Eatle. Eatle bites down on the Techadon's arms and crushes them almost instantly. Eatle breaks free and tackles the Techadon knocking him to the ground. Eatle then bites into the Techadon's chest. Eatle makes a bite-related pun before severing the Techadon's head and throwing it at the wall. Eatle changes back into Ben. Ben realises only Upgrade can fix the DX Mark 10, and promptly does so. Upgrade changes back into Ben. Ben decides to go out for a smoothie.


Aliens UsedEdit


  • Techadon
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