There are rules!

I know that sucks:

  1. No insults except for (shit,crap,and that's it..oh and if u wanna say F___ just say Fire truck)!
  2. Do NOT mess up other peoples stories (changing grammer and adding info that was missing+pics are ok) but any thing other than'll get banned from this this wiki for a while (if u do it too'll be out of here FOR EVER) but no pressure.
  3. and if you wanna say as* hole just say glass hole it's better and funny.
  4. no for the Contempt of religions or you will be banned for a month, second time 6 monthes, third for a year, next will be for ever. Also contempt for religions promotes religious intolerance according to the Terms of Use of Wikia.
  5. HAVE FUN!

That's it.

(and please comment on everyones story.It's always good to give people a reason to write there stories).


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