Rex Salazar
Rex Profile
General Information
Species Human/E.V.O
Age 16
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Powers and abilities
Abilities Build machine

Cure E.V.Os Build Omega builds Build Meta builds Enchanced strength Flexabilety

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Relatives Cesar (brother)
Alias Ben tennyson

Bobo Haha Agent Six Rebecca Holiday

First Appearance Alpha Reborn

Super Villain

Rex Salazar is one of the main characters in Heroes United the series in 2 time lines:

  1. By Bahy.
  2. By Amr.


Rex is 16 years old teenager that wears a red jacket and goggles on his head he is an E.V.O that cures other Evos his hair is Black and he has brown eyes.


  • he can turn any part of his body to a living weapon his hands his legs....and so on.
  • He can cure the E.V.O.S and return them to thier human form.

Appearances in Bahys comic timelineEdit

Appearances in Amr's comic timelineEdit

Ben 10 Ultimate Universe:


  1. Heroes Unleashed
  2. Too fast too far
  3. Heroines United as Roxan

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