Spear is a main villain set to premiere in Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes Fused.


Spear is evil, cruel, ruthless, and lethal. As mentioned by Spear himself, his only desire is to travel to different universes then enslave them and will destroy anyone who gets in his way.


In another universe, a group of scientists had a plan to create a super android, named "Project Spear" from a test tube that had the ability to travel to different universes that are endangered, to help them. But when they officially created him, he was evil instead of good. Spear destroyed the scientists, the lab, then finally the entire universe. Instead of helping universes, he enslaves them and makes them a living hell. But when he plans on enslaving Rex's universe next, Rex calls Ben Tennyson for help on defeating the foe.


Spear's body is overall red, is a bit muscular, has black stripes on his body (like a tiger's), has pointy black finger nails, one claw coming out of each wrist (like Rath), shoulder wieldings (attached to his body), two spikes on his arms, glowing red eyes, fangs, has an "S" on his forehead, and two black horns that are also on his forehead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spear possesses great super strength, super speed, flight, teleportation, will power (the ability to create any weapon he wants from his energy), can shoot red energy beams from his hands and fists (can also release a wave of energy), can shoot fire beams (can make them as hot as a star), telepathy, invulnerability, can travel through different universes, and can make killer drone copies of himself with a gauntlet on his arm. He can also drain the life of others like Aplha.


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