Reinrassic the III comes and enters the Rust Bucket III, Reinrassic, "I know where the 3rd piece of the Map of Infinity is...follow me". Meanwhile, Azmuth is still working on the machine, unaware that Overlord and Jennifer have landed on Primus again. Meanwhile, Kevin shouted angrily, "What is this?!". Reinrassic said, "This is Turrawaste, the planet me and Ben Ben Tennyson were in when he as Echo Echo and I teleported in there".
Kevin shouted, "Oh, so we're going to find the map here?!". Gwen said, "Kevin, be nice". Suddenly the Dravek attacked, as did the Dasypodidae and the Rodilia Dentia. Meanwhile, Overlord and Jennifer have infiltrated Primus once again, but Max, Cooper and Alan fought back. And Eunice activates Xenocites and Voliticus Biopsis to attack on Jennifer. Cooper used his powers on Overlord's battle suit, which causes it to stop, "My suit", Alan then blasts flames onto it, which turns to dust, unaware that Overlord fell into a pit of Xenocites, which merged with him. Jennifer, "Carl!", Overlord had become a Xenocite monster. Jennifer, "My darling", she turns to Alan, Max and Cooper, "I will make you pay for this!", she flies off with Overlord. Meanwhile, Kevin, Gwen, Tetrax, Sunder and Reinrassic the III are sweating, but Reiny was stepping on something. Reinrassic the III, "I have found it, now we will retreive it to Ben Ben Tennys-", Reiny was blasted by Aggregor, who takes the 3rd piece of the Map of Infinity, "Thank you, and goodbye". Aggregor flies off, Gwen, Kevin, Tetrax and Sunder follow him, Gwen, "Reiny, come on!", Reinrassic the III saw the Dravek, "Tell Ben Ben Tennyson, he is a good friend", then he jumps to fight the Dravek, who eats him. Gwen, Kevin, Tetrax and Sunder then run off to the portal.



  • Ultimate Aggregor II
  • Dravek
  • Dasypodidae
  • Rodilia Dentia
  • Overlord
  • Jennifer Nocturne
  • Xenocites

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