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'Powers and Abilities'Edit

He has an axe which is able slice through things. It can also send whatever it slices to a different dimension, as he was able to send Ben (minus his Omnitrix hand) to the Null Void. He also uses a Hover Board for transportation. He has many gadgets inside his hover board, and possesses superhuman strength sufficient enough to hold his own against Ultimate Cannonbolt, Kevin, Gwen and Eunice all at once. It is not known whether these gadgets are used for combat or sells them for profit. He is also shown to be durable, able to withstand repeated injuries such as being able to withstand Diamondhead's shards at point blank to the face, though it still causes him discomfort.

he possess a powerful blaster-pistol which he reveals he obtained on Galvan prime (and likely is of Galvan design given its power). Though not specifically stated, it is possible it was given to him by Azmuth to help him in his task of retrieving the Unitrix/Eunice (meaning it is possible that the weapon was designed or constructed by Athmuth himself, but its not likely as Azmuth doesn't make weapons, so it was likely given to him from someone else as confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie

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