The Synthroid is a sentient robot that attacked Max and Verdona in Moon Struck. It was trying to capture Verdona so she could be used as a power source for its planet. As a mechanical being, it has no care for beings who are alive and justifies the act by saying it's vital to the continued survival of its race. As it was telling Max it was going to drain Verdona's life and kill her just like the organic ones who built them.


His lookEdit

At first in the series, it takes the appearance of a dark mysterious man who wears a trench coat and hat covering the eyes. After a fight with Max, its true form was revealed a tall black humanoid but more robotic freakly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Synthroid is an extremely dangerous robot, capable of shooting laser blasts and throwing powerful punches. In addition to its abilities, the Synthroid is heat resistant and can repair damaged parts of itself. Even if a body part is detached, it can still function and reattach itself to the rest of the body. It even has the ability to create a hologram around itself to take the appearance of a man in a trench coat with a hat. When walking, it can cause great footprint dents in the floor.


Ben killed him because he killed Verdona in The Evanescence episode.

Notable SynthroidsEdit

  • Synthroid

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