TerraBite is an alien in Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution. He was accidentally unlocked in Forever Enemies.

Appearance Edit

TerraBite has a black, round body with skinny arms down to his elbows, where they become bulky. His legs are the same, being big and bulky from the knees down. He has two metal plates spread across the lower area of his face, with small metal spikes that act as teeth placed along. He has bright green eyes and the Infinitrix symbol over the left side of his face where the two plates meet.

Powers and Abilities Edit

TerraBite's teeth are highly electrified, being able to kill a person. The electrified teeth allow him to tear through metal easier, because of the heat from the electricity. He can also remember everything he sees and hears, even after turning back to Dylan. TerraBite also has immense strength, being able to ram down walls with little effort.

Appearances Edit

Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution Edit

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