Terrorfirma is an alien that first appeared in Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution. He is also one of the original ten aliens in the Infinitrix. Terrorfirma is a Terafirsapien from the planet


Terrorfirma is humanoid, being made up entirely of rock and small plants. He has green eyes and the Infinitrix on his chest. He is about the size of an average human.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Terrorfirma has the ability to create earthquakes simply by touching the ground. The magnitude of the earthquake depends on his mood (eg. When he's angry, it's a gigher magnitude. When he's happy, it's lower). The plants growing on his body can shoot seeds which grow extremely fast, but wither after a few minutes.


  • Xeros absorbed Terrorfirma's powers to split the ground in order to gain access to the Seal of Trinity

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