This is on all the aliens in Ben 10: The Alien Generation. It should be noted that a vast majority were planned only and as such made no appearances. For convenience, the alphabetical list has been split into canon and planned aliens.

Aliens By AlphabeticalEdit

Canon Edit

AardauntAlien X, AmpFibian, Armodrillo, ArticguanaBenmummy, Benvicktor, Benwolf, Big Chill, Blizard, Brainstorm, Bugroot, Bumblee, Buzzshock, Cannonbolt, ChamAlien, Chromastone, Clockwork, Cranine, Cycumulus, Diamondhead, Ditto, Dolfin, DrousandEatle, Echo Echo, Electrocity, Eon, Eviscor, Eye Guy, Fasttrack, Feedback, Four Arms, Ghostfreak, Goop, Gravattack, Grey Matter,  Heatblast, HumungousaurJetray, Jury Rigg, KelvinLodestar, Nanomech, Neptide, Novalien, NRG, Rath, Ripjaws, Rocks, Shocksquatch, Spidermonkey, Spitter, Squidstrictor, Stinkfly, Swampfire, Terraspin, Transylver, Trojan, Upchuck, Upgrade, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Blizard, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ultimate Cranine, Ultimate Drousand, Ultimate Echo Echo, Ultimate Eviscor, Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate Novalien, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Trojan, Ultimate Way Big, Ultimate Wildmutt, Water Hazard, Way BigWildmutt, WildvineXLR8

Planned/Unused Edit

Air Raid, Arthrophantom, Astrodactyl, Atomix, Babloon, Ballistic, Ball Weevil, Battry, Bloxx, Brutabear, Bumblee, Crabbler, Crashhopper, Dogment, Early Bird, Fernafrost, Formin, Growth Spurt, Hedgemaze, Hexacomb, Infinitus, Intellect, Kickin Hawk, Kingmane, Lograv, Molestache, Moskyto, Nectyr, Nexavole, Orbit, Packing Derm, Payback, Pesky Dust, Peletort, Porkchop, Quartzu, Robricks, Rodemic, Sandbox, Shellhead, Snakepit, Splatz, Squirrock, The Worst, Toepick, Tornadoom, Trotter, Tweeza, Ultimate Nectyr, Vitanium, Walkatrout, Weal, Wringz, Yakrush, Yuckfly, Zombaa

Original AliensEdit

Season 1

Drousand, Blizard, Novalien, Ultimate Drousand, Ultimate Blizard

Season 2

Aardaunt, Bugroot, Cranine, Cycumulus, Dolfin, Electocity, Eviscor, Neptide, Transylver, Trojan, Ultimate Novalien, Ultimate Cranine, Ultimate Eviscor, Ultimate Trojan

Season 3

Rodemic, Moskyto, Payback

Season 4

Nectyr, Quartzu, Ultimate Nectyr

Season 5

Porkchop, Vitanium, Kelvin, Infinitus, Fernafrost, Tweeza, Tornadoom, Yakrush, Arthrophantom, Zombaa

Video Game

Orbit, Ballistic (Database), Lograv (Database)

Season 6

Formin, Nexavole, Bumblee, Trotter, Peletort, Hedgemaze, Packing Derm, Intellect, Babloon

Finite Quest

Brutabear, Yuckfly, Early Bird, Dogment, Air Raid, Robricks, Battry, Splatz, Growth Spurt, Weal, Kingmane, Crabbler, Wringz, Squirrock, Hexacomb.

Aliens by DebutEdit

Debuts in Season 1

Lodestar, Four Arms, Rath, Fasttrack, Stinkfly, Shocksquatch, Goop, Big Chill, Jetray, Ultimate Big Chill, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, Swampfire, NRG, AmpFibian, Terraspin, Humungousaur, Ultimate Humungousaur, Brainstorm, Spidermonkey, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, XLR8, Grey Matter, Upgrade, Ghostfreak, Upchuck, Wildmutt, Ultimate Wildmutt, Diamondhead, ChamAlien, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Eye Guy, Ripjaws, Chromastone, Heatblast, Benmummy, Ultimate Swampfire, Benwolf, Benvicktor, Wildvine, Clockwork, Eon, Ditto, Buzzshock, Spitter, Nanomech, Articguana, Way Big, Blizard, Novalien, Eatle, Drousand, Ultimate Drousand, Ultimate Blizard, Alien X

Debuts in Season 2

Trojan, Bugroot, Jury Rigg, Aardaunt, Neptide

To be used soon (Compensation for New Approach)

Ultimate Novalien, Cranine, Ultimate Way Big, Dolfin

Overall Alien NumberEdit

137 (Including Ultimates), 122 (Excluding Ultimates)

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