Gwen and the guys travel to Kinet
to find the 2nd piece of the Map of Infinity. Meanwhile, Max, Alan and Cooper protect Ben/Jen, Max, "Alright boys, all we have to do is defend Ben before something awful happens". Overlord and Jennifer arrive in battle suits, "That's something awful it is". Meanwhile, Aggregor is battling XLR8 guards and easily freezes their feet. Gwen, "Aggregor!", she uses her mana, but Aggregor deflected it, Kevin absorbs the ground, Aggregor easily defeated him, Sunder was about to slice Aggregor, but Aggregor used Ultimate Spidermonkey's webs to deflect him, and Tetrax tried to slice, but Aggregor used Ultimate Swampfire's bombs to trap him. And Aggregor wins again by stealing the 2nd piece and flies off, "2 down, 2 more to go". Kevin, "Azmuth is so going to kill us". Gwen, "He won't, we'll just take a break". Kevin, Tetrax and Sunder, "Agreed". Meanwhile, Ben/Jen and Eunice hide in Azmuth's tiny little bedroom, while Alan, Cooper and Max fend off Overlord and Jennifer. Kevin, Gwen, Tetrax and Sunder arrive and witnessed the attack, Tetrax shoots shards at Overlord's bodysuit, causing him to blast off into space with him not breathing, with him nearly dying, Jennifer blasts off to save him, "Carl!", Jennifer angrily turns to her enemies blaming them, "you fools will pay for what you've done" and then blasts off to Earth. Gwen, Kevin, Sunder and Tetrax turn to see Azmuth staring angrily at them, "You 4 have failed again!, there are 2 more missing, 2 more mess-ups and you will regret Ben Tennyson being transgenderized!"



  • Ultimate Aggregor II
  • Overlord
  • Jennifer Nocturne

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