Ben has followed Aggregor into the Forge of Creation, Aggregor, "So, you decided to follow, do you?", Ben, "I'm not gonna let you get away with this Aggregor!", Ben tries to turn on the Ultimatrix, but it wasn't working, so he presses it so hard, he accidently electrocuses himself, and becomes an amalgam of his ultimatrix aliens, shouting, "Ultimate Alien!"
Ultimate alien

The Ultimate Alien

, and fights Aggregor face to face as he uses each and every one of his powers. Ultimate Alien shouted, "You'll never get away with it!", Aggregor shouted, "I am invincible, i have power, i am Aggregor", the Ben had an idea, "Go on touch it, i dare you", Aggregor was confused and had to do it, until Ben turned into Alien X, and prevented Aggregor from touching it, as it erased every memory, as it rewinded back into the past, Ben was back to where he started, then he saw the newspaper, and thought of an idea, Jennifer comes out, "Hello, Ben, what brings you here?". Ben said, "Jennifer, you were believed missing and...hey, i feel so strange", Ben holded a prototype that was in his neck, "This", Jennifer was shocked, "How did you know?", Ben, "Overlord planned it, didn't he?, why?", Jennifer, "He wanted the Map of Infinity, he wanted the Ultimates for himself", Ben, "I know that", now i want you to reveal your identity, call the police, and ask him to turn himself in. Jennifer redied her hair, yellow, and has called the police, "Carl Nesmith, you are under arrest for trying a deep plan, you have the right to remain silent". Everything was back to the way it was.



  • Ultimate Aggregor II
  • Overlord

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Ultimate Alien

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