the begining of everything:

the begining of Amr:

it all starts in 1996 specifically June 6,1996 at a small hospital which is called Red Crescent in a country which is called Damanhour where amr was given birth and gave his first cry it was a wonderful day that caused happiness to two good parents they were happy cause they had their first male kid after getting a female at the age of 1 amr said his first words and it was pa pa that was wonderful word that made the father very happy as amr said pa pa before Ma Ma :D,soon after that amr started to walk of course that caused another joy as the parents saw their son growing up I believe it was expected,and it was a huge development in Amr's and his parents life.......

the begining of Bahy:

in 1997 specifically May 9,1997 at a small hospital in boston,USA bahy was given his birth and come to our life and brought the happiness with him as he was the first child in Tarek's family,bahy lived a big part of his life in USA as an American citizen though he was Egyptian as his father and his mother are Egyptian so bahy is half American half Egyptian like(half werewolf half Vampire :D) the life of bahy in America we don't know much about it all we can say that bahy didn't feel so happy till he come to Egypt and met two people that made his life different and these two peaple are Amr & Hasnaa........

the begining of Hasnaa:

we don't know much about Hasnaa we just know that she is kind and sensitive person that loves jokes drawing and being with her friends.......

now in 2012................

Amr Bahy and Hasnaa are friends with a strong relationship that there is nothing can affect it ever and in this story I am gonna write alot of stories about us (Amr Bahy and Hasnaa) about their life somethings are for real others are just from my imagination...things that I wish to happen someday........................

any way IF YOU WANNA KNOW just follow us..........:D and see ya later in a new story.................

Major EventsEdit

  • Amr was born.
  • Bahy was born.
  • Hasnaa was born.


  • Amr
  • Bahy
  • Hasnaa

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