Ultimate Waybig
230px-Ultimate Way Big
General Information
Species Evolved To'kustar
Home World Cosmic Storms
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Strength

Super Durability Super Speed Tornadoes Cosmic Rays Cosmic Disks Flight


Ultimate Way Big is the evolved form of Waybig .


Ultimate Way Big is similar to Way Big but is much larger in height than his previous form. The white parts of his body (except for his chest and forearms) are changed to blue and he has 2 horns in the left and right of his fin on top of his head, similar to Alien X's.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

762px-Ult. Waybig attacking Diagon
Ultimate Way Big is extremely strong, able to pull Diagon to the ground, who was colossal at the time.Ultimate Way Big has the ability to fly.Ultimate Way Big can fire a more powerful version of Way Big's cosmic ray, as well as Cosmic Disks.Ultimate Way Big's super speed has been enhanced, allowing for him to run and/or spin at super speed to deflect attacks.


As with his base form, Ultimate Way Big's size precludes him from fighting in confined spaces. He is weak to large amounts of acid, where he fell unconcious when Diagon summoned acid rain against him.


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