I joined 64 days ago. I contributed everyday until I got Devoted (everyday for 60 days). Straight after I decided to give it a rest while I enjoyed the long weekend. It was a great weekend. Now I'm back, and my releases of the ninth episode (of The Alien Generation) and a Squidstrictor page are imminent. Also imminent is the fixing up of some more of Peyton's stories. I'm getting behind on it, mainly because of all the great stories he's written in the span of just a few weeks. Good job, and I'll keep up when/if I can, Starwars501! Other things that are imminent:

The Rocks, Ultimate Echo Echo and Ultimate Wildmutt pages, the Drousand and Novalien pages, and the tenth episode (of The Alien Generation). Also some fixing up of The Alien Generation page and The Alien Generation Guide.

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