Here are designs for new aliens I've been thinking of. Say what you think. If it's positive, I'll implement these aliens at some point.

Page 1


Page 1 (Aardaunt, Drousand, Ultimate Drousand, Vitanium)

This is page 1, with designs for Aardaunt, Drousand, Ultimate Drousand, and Vitanium. Specificsof powers:

Aardaunt has super speed, smoke breath, shooting quills from his upper arms, and his lower arms are cannons that shoot goop.

Drousand has acid breath, regeneration, flight, sandstorms, streams of sand, collapsing his body into sand, shiny eyes that can reflect the sun's light and concentrate it (like a magnifying glass), and can duplicate himself up to 1,000 independent minds.

Ultimate Drousand is all this plus his eyes have various beams (left eye: magnetic beam, middle eye: ice beam, right eye: laser beam, left eye + right eye: energy beam, all 3 eyes: time ray).

Vitanium has invulnerability, is made out of a metal that when it shines, people witnessing it feel happy, energetic, and healthy (can cure anything, even death if the metal touches the dead person), is flexible, and in this version, has scythe hands.

Page 2


Page 2 (Trojan, Eviscor, Ultimate Eviscor and Bugroot)

This is page 2, with designs for Trojan, Eviscor, Ultimate Eviscor and Bugroot. Their powers vary, specifics:

Trojan has Super Speed, Flight, Super Hearing, Super Smell, and in this design, sword hands. The sword hands may be changed.

Eviscor has Super Speed, Super Agility, Flight and Scythe Hair which can cut through anything.

Ultimate Eviscor has the bonus of Super Ugliness (Like Medusa), and Serpent Hair replaces scythe hair. The Serpents have sharper teeth than the scythes, though.

Bugroot can fly, control bugs, has enhanced strength, sharp teeth, and can regenerate whilst standing in a marsh. He is also invulnerable during this.