I am not sure where to go next, so I'm going to make this blog with the ones I'm thinking of doing next:

1- Ultimate Echo Echo

2- Ultimate Wildmutt

3- Ultimate Humungousaur

4- Ultimate Swampfire

5- Ultimate Cannonbolt

6- Rocks

7- Squidstrictor

8- Mot Snikrep

9- Sploot

10- Ultimate Way Big

Say which one you think should be done next. Also, if you're wondering when Jury Rigg will appear in TAG, he will once I know his powers. Also, when CyberBen uses Squidstrictor and Rocks, they only use powers I assume they would have (Squidstrictor can breathe underwater and use jet propulsion, and Rocks has enhanced strength). This will be the only assumed powers used in TAG. If you haven't read the 8 already out then search The Alien Generation Guide, or use the link.

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