This is a continuation of my last blog. Since the comments are positive, I shall have those aliens. But I'm also planning these other 12:

Page 3


Page 3 (Porkchop, Cycumulus, Novalien, Cranine, Ultimate Cranine)

Porkchop looks like a pig but with various weapons on his arms and elbows. These are sharp, and beside them Porkchop has Flight and Super Speed, and Sharp Teeth.

Cycumulus is a cross between a cyclops, a crab and a cloud. He can stretch himself to the limit, and can control the wind. He can fly, shoot an energy beam from his eye, breathe underwater, and has sharp pincers.

Novalien is a bomb alien with bomb related powers and mana immunity.

Cranine has a sonic tail wag, flight, super hearing and super speed.

Ultimate Cranine has super smell and sharp teeth as bonuses.

Page 4


Page 4 (Blizard, Ultimate Blizard, Electrocity)

Blizard has all kinds of ice related powers and snow related powers and sharp teeth, venomous teeth, and a fork tongue.

Ultimate Blizard has extra powers that are reptile-related.

Electrocity can fly, has electrokinesis, underwater breathing and super speed.

Page 5


Page 5 (Neptide, Transylver, Ultimate Trojan, Ultimate Novalien)

Neptide can swim fast, breathe underwater and control the tides.

Transylver is invulnerable, can fly, has sharp teeth, super agility, bat transformation and energy beams.

Ultimate Trojan has the bonus of a sonic howl (see Page 2 for Trojan).

Ultimate Novalien has nuclear related powers, mana immunity and invulnerability.

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