It's week 8 of Term 4, the final assessment week of the year! That means I'll finally have enough time to spare to come here, and actually work on this wiki, making missing pages, adding new stories, and fixing Peyton's stories!

The series following The Alien Generation will be Ben 10: Finite Quest. Before this series, though, there are still five seasons of TAG, all bring to light 40 original aliens:

Drousand, Blizard, Novalien, Bugroot, Aardaunt, Cranine, Cycumulus, Dolfin, Eviscor, Electrocity, Neptide, Trojan, Transylver, Nectyr, Moskyto, Payback, Rodemic, Quartzu, Vitanium, Porkchop, Kelvin, Tweeza, Tornadoom, Infinitus, Arthrophantom, Fernafrost, Yakrush, Zombaa, Orbit, Ballistic, Formin, Lograv, Nexavole, Bumblee, Trotter, Peletort, Hedgemaze, Packing Derm, Intellect and Babloon.

Finite Quest will include all these, as well as OV aliens, and takes place in a new timeline. It will also include a plot that finds Ben unlocking many new aliens, including the dozen animal-based aliens (well, most of them):

Brutabear (Bear), Yuckfly (Moth), Early Bird (Eagle), Dogment (Dog), Air Raid (Vulture), Robricks (Robot), Battry (Bat), Splatz (Ambergris), Growth Spurt (Troll), Weal (Sea Lion), Kingmane (Lion) and Crabbler (Crab).

There may be others but they have not been invented yet. I hope to be very busy on this wiki once more, doing all that I couldn't do during the year. So yes, I'm back!

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