• AustralianFan

    New Plans

    May 17, 2012 by AustralianFan

    Okay here's the thing, I'll do what I can when I can. I also have to feel like it. Things will get done, just in no particular order. Mostly I feel like editing some pages, putting episode navs on Peyton's stories and my own, creating those last few pages (Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Wildmutt and Ball Weevil), adding my own alien pages, adding Alien Dashboards to aliens pages, and fixing up Peyton's stories.

    Don't forget I will put up the new episode of my series sometime: CyberBen. It features Ben going through a dimensional tear and discovering one of many CybEarths. There, a hacked version of himself appears, and offers to give ten new aliens to Ben in return for his assistance. The ten new aliens are then used in Season 2.

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  • AustralianFan


    April 29, 2012 by AustralianFan

    Just to explain... Reallife hhas been busy. All holidays, I was travelling, and then school kicked up as busy as ever, but I tried to come and do small things, but I am back again and will try to stay back.

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  • AustralianFan

    Happy Easter!

    April 8, 2012 by AustralianFan

    Don't who here celebrates Easter, but for those who might, happy Easter! Down here, it's already Easter Sunday- I got Creme Eggs and, as usual, a huge choc bunny!

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  • AustralianFan

    So many aliens

    March 28, 2012 by AustralianFan

    Lately I've thought up so many more awesome aliens than I can take time to draw! So here's the thing...

    After I have finished fixing up Peyton's stories I will take time off to draw them. Then I will complete the photshop image I am working on. And then I will take photos of all the aliens I drew. And then I will return and upload those photos. After that, I will release more of The Alien Generation stories. And after that, I will make pages on some of the different Alien Generation Aliens. Somewhere during all of this I will be making any aliens pages that require making.

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  • AustralianFan

    Page 6

    March 13, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I am making a page 6 of my aliens, it features Kelvin, Infinitus, Fernafrost and Tweeza.

    A picture will be put up soon somewhere.

    Kelvin is a Tectonian from the planet Tecton. His powers are pyrokinetic, cryokinetic and terrakinetic.

    Infinitus is a Intrigian from the planet Intrigun. He is super intelligent and can clone limitlessly.

    Fernafrost is a Frostpalm from the planet Altiteucalypton. His powers are cryokinetic and chlorokinetic. He is also agile.

    Tweeza is a Spongoid from the planet Reefus II. He can breathe underwater and control sea creatures.

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