• AustralianFan

    Here are designs for new aliens I've been thinking of. Say what you think. If it's positive, I'll implement these aliens at some point.

    This is page 1, with designs for Aardaunt, Drousand, Ultimate Drousand, and Vitanium. Specificsof powers:

    Aardaunt has super speed, smoke breath, shooting quills from his upper arms, and his lower arms are cannons that shoot goop.

    Drousand has acid breath, regeneration, flight, sandstorms, streams of sand, collapsing his body into sand, shiny eyes that can reflect the sun's light and concentrate it (like a magnifying glass), and can duplicate himself up to 1,000 independent minds.

    Ultimate Drousand is all this plus his eyes have various beams (left eye: magnetic beam, middle eye: ice beam, right eye: laser bea…

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  • AustralianFan

    Internet Explorer 9

    January 25, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I just got Internet Explorer 9 and... now EVERYTHING is SO DIFFERENT!

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  • AustralianFan

    First 23 Aliens

    January 24, 2012 by AustralianFan

    This is just to say that Wildmutt- Spitter have articles. But there's still many other aliens to make pages of.

    8 more Original 10 Alien Force, Lodestar, Nanomech, all of the Andromeda Alien Scanned Aliens, the Ultimates, ChamAlien, and Shocksquatch still to do.

    I'll leave comments when the progress is updated.

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  • AustralianFan

    100 Pages!

    January 18, 2012 by AustralianFan

    The wiki has made it to 100 Pages!

    With just a handful of users, and 4 of them major users (OutBreak, BenXP, Starwars501 and myself),

    that is a great effort from everybody.

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  • AustralianFan


    January 16, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I joined just 7 days ago and I've contributed every day... Wow!

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