I've been thinking of writing a series based on the Sherlock Holmes books by Arthur Conan Doyle [1]. I was wondering what you all think about it and whether it's worth my time. Like the BBC Television series, it would be set in modern times, with things like pocket watches replaced with digital ones, mobile phones replaced by mobile phones, etc.

The first series would probably have Moriarty as the villain, given that he's the most well known of the Holmes villains. Not usre what the arc would revolve around, but it would probably end with an episode based on the Final Problem ending the arc. I'm waiting until I've completed the first story to decide whether I continue, but I wanted your feedback (haha, Ben 10 reference) on it.

'A Study in Scarlet', based on the novel of the same name, will probably be the pilot episode. It'll probably be a two-parter like the novel itself, seeing as that's how TV shows tend to run these days (even though this is just a fanfiction series). It won't be a full adaptation, more of a loosely-based thing. However, I'm starting to lean toward using the second Holmes story, 'the Sign of the Four' as the source for the pilot. If you have a preference for which you'd like, I guess just comment below.

So basically, comment your thoughts and any ideas or handy tips you might have. The future of this project depends on your thoughts and how well the pilot goes. You have your mission, good luck.

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