185px-Vulkanus AF2
455px-Pickaxe Alien
Ben has just finished fighting another Techadon. He states he is growing tiresome, and changes into Jetray. Jetray flies off to an asteeroid where Vulkanus was last known to be storing and mining Taedenite. Jetray reverts back into Ben. Ben walks around looking for Vulkanus. Vulkanus is sitting in his office
reading "Mining for Dummies", with other books on his desk called "Scheming for Dummies", "Revenge for Dummies" and "So You're An Insecure Midget" when all of the sudden Ben burst into his office. Ben orders Vulkanus to stop sending the Techadons. Vulkanus refuses to do anything, and then says if he tried to call off the Techadons, the Weapons Masters would come after him and give him their kind of refund, and makes a slit throat gesture. Vulkanus asks Computron to come and get Ben Tennyson out of his office. Ben questions Computron being here, and Vulkanus says he got a deal with the robot a while after he escaped- and said that it is too bad that Ben will not live to hear the details. Ben says stubbornly that he wants Vulkanus to stop the Techadons at any cost. Vulkanus then accuses Ben of being mad. He then gets his Pickaxe Minions to attack.
258px-Steam Roller
Computron, is response, orders his robots to attack. Ben changes into Steam Roller and comments on getting another new alien. Steam Roller starts to run over the pick-axe aliens. Steam Roller jokes about being "on a roll". Suddenly Steam Roller is attacked from behind by Dimension 12 Robots. Steam Roller fires spikes at the robots causing them to explode. Now only Vulkanus is left, so Steam Roller drives up to Vulkanus' office and creates smoke. Vulkanus angrily complains about the smoke, and is taken by surprise as Steam Roller picks up Vulkanus and threatens him. Vulkanus says that he will find a way to call off the Techadons. Steam Roller changes into Jetray and flies off. Vulkanus notices the destruction to his office caused by Steam Roller. Vulkanus slumps, utterly speechless.



  • Vulkanus
  • Vulkanus' Pix-Axe Aliens
  • Computron
  • Computrons Soldiers

Aliens UsedEdit

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