Ben is driving in his car when he receives a message that five Vulpimancers have escaped from the Null Void and are in the woods by Bellwood. Ben drives as far as he can before trees stop his car. Ben gets out of the car and changes into Wildmutt. Wildmutt starts to track the
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other Vulpimancer's scents. Wildmutt runs through the woods until he
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reaches the Vulpimancers. Wildmutt does not know the Vulpimancer language and it is too difficult for the Universal Translators to translate so Wildmutt cannot communicate with them, meaning that the Vulpimancers sta
rt to get really aggressive. Wildmutt changes into Armodrillo. Armodrillo bashes one of the
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Vulpimancers in the face and then picks up another Vulpimancer and throws him across the forest. Armodrillo is tackled from behind. Armodrillo gets pinned to the ground. Armodrillo changes into Heatblast. Heatblast burns the Vulpimancer off of him and then creates an inferno around the remaining Vulpimancers. Heatblast changes back into Ben. Ben calls Grandpa Max to come pick up the Vulpimancers. Grandpa Max arrives with the Null Void projector. Ben helps Grandpa Max put the Vulpimancers back in the Null Void when suddenly a Wigselian Org Beast comes out. Grandpa Max fires his blaster. Ben changes into Four Arms. The Wigselian Org Beast slams Four Arms. Four Arms retaliates with an uppercut. Grandpa Max fires the Null Void projector. Grandpa Max gives the thumbs up. Four Arms slams the Beast into the Null Void portal. Ben and Grandpa go off for a smoothie and a maggot stew. THE END



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