The story starts off at Ben’s house. Ben is watching the Will Harangue
Nation. Will Harangue is making Ben look bad as always and Ben is mad because of this as always. Ben decides it's time to get a little payback. Ben changes into Jetray and flies over to 'The Will Harangue Nation' studio where Will Harangue does all of his shows. Jetray then changes into Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak phases through the wall into Will Harangue’s camera room. Will Harangue is making Ben look bad when suddenly Ghostfreak takes over his body on National television and no one notices. Ghostfreak in Will Harangue’s body makes Will Harangue say insulting things about his viewers, himself, and praises Ben.
Ghostfreak exits Harangue’s body. Harangue is then super confused.
Ghostfreak phases through the wall and goes to the building's circuitry and changes into Buzzshock. Buzzshock shorts out the building power. Buzzshock changes into Chromastone. Chromastone flies home and changes back into Ben. MEANWHILE Will Harangue is even madder than ever at 'the menace of Ben Tennyson'. THE END



  • Will Harangue

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